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The Love Energy  

Do you like presents? I have one for you! The healing energy passed down from the Temple of Love in Atlantis.

I offer to initiate you to this healing energy for free. This is a gift for all of us!

Go directly to How to get free initiation!
Notes on how to use healing energy HERE.

This is the story of the healing energy that I offer to you. My first experience with healing energies was the reiki energy. I was initiated to reiki 1 in November 2006. I found it an awesome tool for professionals but judging from my own experience and the experience of others, reiki can be a little overpowering. Being opened to this kind of energy cleanses your body both physically and emotionally. Sometimes this can change your whole life. I found that sometimes you do not need quite so drastic a change.

During my first summer of having been initiated to reiki I was opened to a second healing channel by the Goddess of the Sea through a meditation. During subsequent meditations I discovered that this rose coloured healing energy was seen last in the Temple of Love in Atlantis at the time when the ascended master Lady Nada was priestess there.

When I asked the Universe for a more gentle healing energy as an alternative to reiki healing I was shown that I already had access to that alternative. I was told how I could in fact initiate others to the healing energy from the Temple of Love, that it would softly crack the door open instead of kicking it in. I was also told that being initiated would make distance healing available at once. I welcome you to join me in the healing energy of love!

In the fall of 2007 I initiated a group of energy sensitive women to the healing love energy. This is what they reported back, clarifying the purpose and nature of the energy:

"It was a very pleasant experience. We felt a lot of warmth that spread to the whole body. For me personally it felt like taking a hot bath – bath and shower at the same time. Some of the others had the experience of lying on the beach being covered by gentle waves. We all agreed that it was a very feminine and very powerful energy. One had an experience of Utopia – a place of harmony, another had the experience of being part of a legend and of something to be enjoyed.

I asked about the purpose of the energy (through her higher self) and was told that it was a gift for light workers. It felt like it was for conscious light workers but I think that the energy can also help in making light workers conscious? The purpose is to cleanse and to uncover the “royal lineage” of light workers, meaning to uncover who we really are. Some from my group received images of the energy promoting a feeling of community and of lightness.

Finally I got the impression that hands-on healing does not make much sense with this energy, since after initiation it is placed in our energy aura and will automatically heal anybody who is in our company physically, meaning other light workers. Maybe that is why there is this focus of it being well suited for distance healing."

Get initiated for free

Presently I do distance initiations every Sunday night at 9 pm. Copenhagen time. All you need to do to recieve the initiation is to state your intention to join. It y usually takes about 30 min. for the energy to download. You might also want to read the accompanying notes.

There is no fee for this. I believe that this gift should be spread all over the world. If you feel that you want to contribute, donations through PayPal to will be greatly appriciated, so that I can continue to do this work.

If you want to put together a major group of people for a more formal initiation I will be happy to attend the event. I would need to have my expenses covered and to be able to hold either workshops, lectures or healing sessions.