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I presently recommend the work of my friend, Bradford Tilden. He is a very gifted crystal healer and spiritual composer. His website is here: www.crystalmusichealing.com.

As my energy took active part in two of his creations I am able to provide the two tracks on Angelic Incarnation as digital downloads for those who are not able to buy from Bradford's website.


The first track, Angelic Incarnation, is a powerful meditation that contains actual angelic sound frequencies that were channeled through the sonic alchemy of Bradford's voice with crystal singing bowls along with Tibetian Bowls and Gongs. This track portrays the process of the incarnation and embodiment of an angelic being into the realm of human consciousness.

My notes: This piece came into being a few days after the cleansing work on Mount Tamalpais that I have described in The Angel of San Francisco and Tales of White Magic. I had asked Bradford to compose a meditation track but this amazing piece happened instead.

The second track is a cosmic journey meditation that takes the voyager through the remembrance of the original cosmic dream through the vessel of divine sonic vibrations.

My notes: This was the meditation track that I had originally asked for. During a meeting in Portugal I was relearning building energy into matter. Bradford let me try to build the energy of the Temple of Love into this track, and we found that not only was it succesful but the energy was made part of all already excisting versions of the track. In my experience this track is an extreemly powerful background for guided meditations whereas Angelic Incarnation works best on it's own.

Both tracks are app. 30 min., cost of each is $6. Please contact me by email if you wish to buy a downloadable file from me. Payment options are described on the Contact page.