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Creating your own Reality
- a Survival Kit

Do you feel like this 3D world is a stormy sea thrashing you around? Are you tired of reacting rather than creating?

For many years it has been a popular pursuit to get others to heal us, tell us how to become rich and provide ready made answers for us. Quite a few of us have found that there was something not quite right about this approach. Somehow it did not quite make sense to put the Universal energy into neat little boxes with labels on them and strict rules on how to use them.

Well, now these boxes are slowly disintegrating. The old ways no longer work the way they used to and we can no longer rely on others to provide us with the answers. It is time to put together your own survival kit and start creating your own reality! Donít rely on others. Rely on yourself!

Simple universal rules and simple tools are what you need to take back responsibility, take back control and start creating for yourself.

I invite you to assume responsibility for your own reality. Would you like to be in control of your own life? Most people think they do but they don't really, you know. If the reality in which you find yourself right now seems like such an unhappy place to be that you are ready for it to change, I offer you a way Ė A Survival Kit.

Here is my point: I have found that what you need most of all is grounding, cutting ties to the past and to love yourself and others unconditionally. For that I have put together three short exercises, three tools. It is important to me that no single exercise takes longer than an average visit to the toilet. It is that simple.

I have written a book about The Survival Kit and I also offer a workshop. Contact me for dates and locations or to invite me to your town.