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Lemurian Seed Crystals

The so-called Lemurian Seed Crystals first surfaced in Brazil in the late 1990'ies. During a regular operation of quartz mining a new kind of crystal turned up. Instead of growing in clusters they looked like they had been thrown in with a showel, lying in all directions in one big heap. It looked like they had fallen off larger clusters and continued to grow or had been planted - "seeded".

Today groups of them have appeared at several locations. Most of them come from the thus far three mines in Brazil but loads have also been found in Arkansas, Peru, Tibet and possibly Mozambique and Indonesia. The message is "that the ones from Brazil are by far the strongest and most important for holding the basic structure of the crystaline that is being built around the planet and in the morphogenic field of consciousness. They are the major hubs or point of intersection that the newer ones that are surfacing will link up with. These newer ones holds a slightly different frequenscies and will add to the underlying structure of the Brazilian Lemurians like muscle added to bone", Bradford Tilden, April 2008.

It is noteworthy that these crystals are not just tools that you work with or even program. It is a co-worker. All crystals are unique, they all have their own personality and you usually feel very strongly which crystal is "yours". Those who are sensitive enough tell me that they have very long phonetic names. I interpret that as being some kind of barcode.

They all seem to have a certain basic knowledge in common but like people they add their own special knowledge as well. Of my favorite, personal ones one appears to me like a pink healer goddess and another, very complex crystal, appears to me like a combination of an old time school teacher in black and a physisist. They do communicate but in the language of feelings, not of words.

The striations on the crystals is said to be coded information. I feel that a lot of information is stored inside the crystal as well. Unlike other kinds of quartz I don't go for clarity as it seems that the more clouded a Lemurian crystal is, the more information it contains.

I have both large ones to keep me company at home, also by the bed, and a collection of smaller ones to take with me. The strong energy flow that they give me helps me stay aligned in all situations. It works wonders at boring family functions or when waiting in line at the supermarket!

I sometimes help some of my crystals find new homes. You are wellcome to contact me to see if one might be waiting to work with you. Only one word of caution - there is a strong risk of suddenly finding that you can never have too many Lemurian Seed Crystals...

Bradford Tilden, www.crystalmusichealing.com, has written down some of his impressions about the conflict between Lemuria and Atlantis in an article you can download as a PDF document HERE.