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About NEEI

I am Karin Ott. I was originally a chemist, working as a patent engineer and sales rep. Later I joined the computer industry as instructor and project manager.

After having made a go at having my own café I was sick with stress for over a year. This period was the turning point of my life. My values and my attitude towards life changed completely when in desperation I joined my first reiki class. Today I have trained as a healer and regression therapist. I consider myself an author, philosopher, energy worker and white mage - but mostly I just AM.

I founded The New Era Energy Institute on Dec. 20'th 2007. The vision is to create a platform to support cooperation between energy workers of the new energy and to share the knowledge and methods we are discovering day by day with the rest of the world - where ever we may physically live.

Right now I am the only representative of NEEI but maybe that will change, as the energy workers of the new era grow into their full potential.

I offer lectures, coahing, and workshops, I do distance initiations to the healing energy from the Temple of Love in Atlantis, and I have written several books. I am also a fine art photographer.

My primary goal is to help people help themselves.