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If you find the information on my website useful to you and want a more personal contact I offer a subscription service. Common for all three levels is that you will get running information about how energy is moving in the world. Sometimes it will be in the form of links to useful resources. It might be prenotice of important dates or solar movements. It can be references to information about the theme for 2011 or general explantions to why you might be feeling under pressure at certain times, unpublished stories, just to mention a few examples.

In addition you have the option of getting personal answers to personal questions. I can't promise you The Truth. I offer you my truth and I am sure you will know already from looking at this website if you think that will be useful to you. I'll give my personal answer to any questions; Lemuria, Atlantis, healing energies, health issues, the creation of the world, what it felt like the time when I could read peoples thoughts, portals, how to avoid drama in your life, how to learn to work with your intuition, what is happening with the world, and much more. You choose.

Before you commit you are welcome to send me an email with an introduction to who you are and where you are at in your life together with one question, that I'll answer.

The subscription service has three levels:

  • 1 Personal email pr. month (plus general information) $20 each month

  • 1 Personal email pr. week (plus general information) $50 each month

  • Unlimited number of personal emails (plus general information) $100 each month

You can unsubscribe anytime you like.

You can change the subscription level anytime by unsubscribing and then subscribe to the new level.

To keep the contact as personal as intended the number of subscribers is limited. I will contact you at once if your subscription cannot be accepted at the present time.